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Stephen J. Burden, Designer

Stephen J. Burden


434.979.2678 x110

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Stephen has designed exciting communications for a variety of clients since coming to The Ivy Group in 2003. He is responsible for creative concepts, design, layout, and prepress of the majority of logos, advertisements, websites, stationery suites, brochures and other marketing collateral projects for Ivy Group clients. Stephen’s work for the firm has garnered awards from the AIGA Richmond GRADE Awards and AMA Central Virginia Marketing Awards. He also serves as an adjunct professor of Typography at James Madison University’s School of Art and Art History.

One of my daughters’ greatest thrills is having their own library card! We spend many lazy Saturday afternoons at our local library.

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Chris Fitzgerald, Production Specialist

Chris Fitzgerald

Production Specialist

434.979.2678 x109

Chris, who has worked for The Ivy Group for 11 years, majored in music and art at Virginia Commonwealth University. His expertise is in multi-media production, video and sound production, and special effects editing and post-production. Chris has managed television and radio production and designed print ads and web projects for more than forty clients. For three consecutive years, Chris received the American Marketing Association’s Award for Excellence in Marketing for his multi-media campaigns.

As a child, I couldn’t stop reading about sturgeon at the library. I was fascinated by the fish’s alien-like features. The public library was a source for imagination and bold frontiers for me… until I discovered television.

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Leslie Floyd, Web Developer and Programmer

Leslie Floyd

Web Developer and Programmer

434.979.2678 x 115

Leslie Floyd has over 10 years of experience in website development and accessibility, including extensive work for the federal government. She brings an organized, analytical perspective to all web projects. Leslie has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from George Mason University.

I think it was my Grandma Shirley who instilled in me a love for reading at an early age. She has always given me the best books! Even to this day, I come to her for recommendations, and to borrow from her own library. I’m so appreciative that she passed on that value to me; there’s nothing like opening your mind to consider the expressions of others.

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Jan Garrison, Office Administrator

Jan Garrison

Office Administrator

434.979.2678 x114

After a career in Human Resource Management and business operations for public, private and non-profit organizations, Jan joined The Ivy Group in 2006 to use those skills and learn new ones—specifically media buying. She is an alumna of the University of Virginia and categorically denies rumors that she walked The Lawn with Thomas Jefferson. Although she has lived in Alabama, Mississippi, California and Colorado, Jan, a native Virginian, now lives in Madison County.

Growing up in rural Virginia, the highlight of my Saturdays was a trip into the nearest town (10 miles away) and the county library. My mother would drop me off while she shopped, and I would nestle in to read. The heft of the book, the smell of the print, and the quiet solitude are among my fondest memories.

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Franziska Matiuk, Web Project Manager

Franziska Matiuk

Web Project Manager

434.979.2678 x 105

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, “Siska” has always had a special interest in the merging of business, technology, and creativity. Siska not only works on the project management and strategic planning side of projects, but also the creative side with digital illustration and graphic design. She then brings it all to the web with content management through Mimik and social media.

At the rate that I go through books, I can't afford not to go to my library…

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Bobby Pearson, Web Developer & System Admin

Bobby Pearson

Web Developer & System Admin

434.979.2679 x101

Bobby Pearson is an ASP and PHP programmer and systems and server-side program manager. He is responsible for site development, including solutions architecture, HTML, CSS, integration, browser testing, uploads, hosting management, and database trouble shooting for all website projects. Bobby is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

My aunt is a research librarian at the University of Washington. Along with the rest of my family, she inundated my childhood with books… In first grade, I was in the advanced library group that was taught how to use the card catalog. I still remember the best section of the Dewey decimal system—the 940s! Today you may find me hanging out in the 220s, 230s, and 510s.

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Ellen Roberson, Project Manager

Ellen Roberson

Project Manager

434.979.2678 x102

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Ellen began her career in communications management in the financial services industry. She manages all facets of Ivy Group projects, with particular emphasis on client communications and logistics. A consummate project manager with a meticulous eye for detail, Ellen will oversee timelines and work deliverables for the Library and devote particular attention to the editing, design, and production of all survey instruments and reports.  

When I was a little girl, pocketbooks fascinated me. When I finally received my own shiny red plastic number with wooden handle and loud snap closure, I realized I didn’t have much to put in it. I filled it with chewing gum wrappers… and my library card!

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